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Natural Energy Solutions (Solar) Our Focus Needs To Be On A Non Renewable Energy Fix

Presently energy sources used by humans are non renewable energy sources. These are sources that are consumed much faster than they can be naturally replenished. Natural gas, coal and uranium are some examples. Unfortunately, they remain the main source of energy as they are much cheaper to produce than a non renewable energy fix such as hydropower or solar power. Renewable energy sources such as water and the sun are practically everlasting and cannot be depleted.

Only a minute fraction of the available solar energy is used. This is due to limitations in human ingenuity. The most common way to gather solar energy is through the use of solar panels. This is unfortunate since solar energy is cheap to implement and readily available. Although limited by location on the Earth, this is an energy fix available to everyone in some quantity.

Non renewable forms of energy may be cheap for us now, but eventually the resources will run out and we will be forced to find an alternative. Luckily we are already researching what other resources we have available to us as a renewable energy. We have discovered that wind energy is one of the cheapest renewable energy sources we have available. Traditionally windmills have been used to pump water or to grind grains. Now the windmill is also used to provide electricity.

In order to optimize the use of the wind as a renewable energy, we must find sites that are generally subject to great amounts of wind blowing at fairly fast rates. These sites are typically located miles away from cities or urban settings.

A more predictable non renewable energy source is tidal power. Tidal power is used to produce electricity as well as other forms of power. The stronger the tide, the greater the chance for tidal generation of electricity. Some concerns in using tidal power are the current shipping lanes, the effect of the tidal turbines or dams or other systems on the marine ecology, storm surges and sediments.

Another non renewable energy fix is biomass energy. This energy is produced from five distinct sources which are landfill gasses, wood, alcohol fuels (ethanol), garbage and waste. Ethanol is derived primarily from sugarcane or corn. There is much debate over the use of corn farmed and harvested to produce biofuel instead of for human consumption when there is such starvation that exists around the world.

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Non renewable energy still remains our main source of energy in 2015

As it stands today, non renewable energy remains our main source of energy. Renewable energy sources are much more costly to realize on a larger scale but in the end, the price we pay to save our Earth may be worth every penny we have.

Renewable Energy: Renewable energy is the energy which is generated from natural sources i.e. sun, wind, rain, tides and can be generated again and again as and when required. see Renewable & Non-Renewable Energy Sources - Conserve Energy Future

Natural Energy Solutions (Solar) UK GOV

The government is aware of the non renewable energy problems we are facing. Research is being done on how to best use the Earth’s energy resources while keeping it cost effective. Of course, when the non-renewable energy sources are depleted we will have no choice but to find an alternate energy solution. For now, select wind farms and solar power plants are in place. In order to avoid a non renewable energy crisis, however, these methods of harvesting renewable energy sources need to be widespread.

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