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Non Renewable Energy Problems Can Be Solved In Many Different Ways

The UK needs to pay attention to the non renewable energy problems we are facing today before it is too late. Non renewable energy is energy that is harvested from sources that are being consumed faster than they can be replenished worldwide.

It is well known that Fossil fuels for instance take thousands of years to form but it takes us far less time than that to use them. We need to conserve the energy sources we currently have and supplement or replace them with renewable energy sources such as the sun, the wind, water and biomass.

How have we gotten ourselves into this energy crisis?

How have we gotten ourselves into this energy crisis? The answer lies in technological inefficiencies, industrial expansion and an increase in demand due to the increase in the world’s population. The world’s energy problems can be solved. It is not too late.

Geothermal energy involves digging into the core of the Earth. This is obviously easier said than done and much more costly than some of the other forms of renewable energy we have available. Biomass energy involves harvesting energy from biological materials from living, or recently living things. Biomass energy can be grown from numerous types of plants including poplar, hemp, switch grass, willow, sugarcane and corn, to name a few.

This sounds like an easy solution to our energy problems in Britain, however there is some debate over the use of edible crops as fuel, with many in the world dying of starvation. Is it the best to use newly discovered fertile land in countries with great percentages of the population having limited access to food, to grow crops for biofuel?

Wind, water and solar energy are great energy sources to help us solve our addiction to non renewable energy. All are practically impossible to deplete and with the world’s consumption of energy as it is, this is just what we need. Is this the answer? many think so.

If you find yourself interested in learning how we can remedy these non renewable energy problems, the internet is full of resources. The internet can provide you with anything from simple explanations of each of the different sources of both non renewable and renewable energy. You can find the pros and cons of each type and the recent advances in harvesting renewable energy sources. You can even find websites that allow you to calculate, for free, your own solar and wind ratings if you are currently using these sources of energy. Simply search for “solar and wind estimator” or something along those lines. You will be amazed at what you can find!

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Non renewable energy still remains our main source of energy in 2015

As it stands today, non renewable energy remains our main source of energy. Renewable energy sources are much more costly to realize on a larger scale but in the end, the price we pay to save our Earth may be worth every penny we have.

Renewable Energy: Renewable energy is the energy which is generated from natural sources i.e. sun, wind, rain, tides and can be generated again and again as and when required. see Renewable & Non-Renewable Energy Sources - Conserve Energy Future

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The government is aware of the non renewable energy problems we are facing. Research is being done on how to best use the Earth’s energy resources while keeping it cost effective. Of course, when the non-renewable energy sources are depleted we will have no choice but to find an alternate energy solution. For now, select wind farms and solar power plants are in place. In order to avoid a non renewable energy crisis, however, these methods of harvesting renewable energy sources need to be widespread.

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